Sunday, March 20, 2011

Epic Fail! Dairy-free Mac and Cheese...

After my successful dairy-free lasagna, I thought I'd use the Daiya Shreds to make dairy-free macaroni and cheese. The Daiya website mentioned that they could be melted in a milk substitute to make a cheese sauce. So I tried it. The Daiya cheddar-style shreds did not taste as good as the mozzarella ones. But I figured they would taste alright when cooked.

First I tried coconut milk.  I made the mistake of using sweetened coconut milk and that just didn't smell very good... It didn't taste very good, either. I chalked it up to the coconut milk.

Second I tried unsweetened almond milk. I melted some more of the cheddar-style shreds in it. It still smelled awful - sickly sweet and made me nauseous. And it tasted even worse. So I gave up and poured it out. I then made a pasta bake with the mozzarella-style shreds instead :p

So it was a total and utter epic fail. Luckily the pasta bake with the mozzarella shreds was great and I haven't given up on the cheddar shreds quite yet. I will likely try to melt it in fajitas or tacos and see if it goes a bit better.

Next up - chocolate chip muffins. And they were YUMMY! Enjoy your dairy-free life :)



  1. Hi there! Just wondering if you ordered your Daiya online or if you can buy them around Ottawa somewhere... My 21 month old is also allergic to dairy, as well as eggs. I'm enjoying the recipes! BTW, if you can find (it's not easy!) Fleishmans UNSALTED margarine, it's dairy free & AWESOME for cookie recipes.

  2. Hi Pamela - glad you're enjoying my blog. Now I have to work on posting more regularly :p I get the Daiya at the Natural Food Pantry on Hazeldean... but go to and you can find some near you :) It's sooo worth the money and my son loves it. I'll have to try the Fleishmans. Unsalted is hard to find, though so far I've been making do with it :)